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Patent Monitor

Keep track of updates to your published, pending patent applications

Coming Soon on the Web, iOS, and Android

Patent Monitor

Bible Translation

Translate your Bible between many different languages, such as English (KJV), Spanish, Chinese, and more

In open beta on iOS

Bible Translation

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Bible Translation Open Beta

Bible Translation is now in open beta! We've updated the UI, added new features such as cloud backup and ... Read More

17 February 2019

Website Redesign

Welcome to the new website! With a single page and simple layout, we hope you find the redesign easier ... Read More

24 October 2018

Enginerd Apps → Reign Apps

A few things are changing around here, starting with a name change. We are working to change over ... Read More

16 October 2018

At Reign Apps we build down-to-earth, useful software focused on solutions to life's everyday problems. We strive to write elegant code that always operates as fast and smooth as possible, while also creating an awesome user experience.

Operating out of Portland, Oregon, our small team of engineers is always on the lookout for new and exciting problems to work on, and we hope you enjoy the apps that we make.



Patent Monitor

Keep track of updates to your published, pending patent application with Patent Monitor. Mark any of your patents as they go through prosecution and this app will send you an alert when their status changes with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, such as when an office action is sent or when your patent is granted.

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Bible Translation

Bible Translation

This isn't a simple English-to-"Another Language" Bible translation app; you can translate from any of our growing list of supported languages to another. With unique side-by-side scrolling and the ability to read text aloud in a familiar accent, Bible Translation makes it easy to find the foreign language translation you are looking for, and share it with others.

The concept is so perfect and the way it has been brought to our screens with such simplicity is amazing! As the app stands, this could be a game-changing tool for every believer and beyond to pocket.


In Beta on iOS

To get access to the open beta, please email us at